Wednesday 19 July 2023

Wednesday 19th July

Early on in our marriage Himself informed me that 'discovering that bowl of prunes soaking in the fridge without any warning' very nearly constituted grounds for divorce! A bit of an extreme react, I thought! He probably doesn't remember that remark, but it made quite an impression on me at the time...

Since then I have been a little cautious about stashing prunes in the fridge.

This blog post will be the first warning he gets that there is a little jam jar of prunes soaking in tea at the back of the fridge... I'll hide it behind the milk bottles to spare him the awful sight. 

Prunes and custard was one of my favourite puds at school. I appeared to be in the minority, so was welcome to theirs as well as my own. We used to count the stones like cherry stones;

Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar-man, thief

I can remember a few more verses;

Coach, carriage, cart, wheelbarrow, for getting to the church

Silk, satin, cotton, rags, for the wedding dress

But I'm sure there was one about the church, and maybe one to find out where you would live...


  1. I am fond of prunes too but rarely buy them as my OH clearly comes from the same anti-prune camp as yours. I just fancy them occasionally and don't want three days of eating a tins-worth. I'm still being teased about cleaning Liz's fridge 2 years ago when she was in hospital with newborn. I inadvertently threw out a jar of kimchi. Well, it looked and smelled very strange... How was I to know that some people eat it like that? You must know the lively poem about plums In the icebox? My fridge currently Too Full. I bought lots of extra stuff as we have company, and it's not getting eaten!

    1. I bought dried prunes, and am soaking just a few in tea overnight. Our fridge is always booby trapped after our weekly grocery delivery.
      Yes, I know the poem about plums...must revisit it!