Friday 25 August 2023

Friday 25th August - slugs in love, joy of hospital gardens

 We took my father to the hospital for a day of various out patient treatments.

Before we set off I discovered this unlovely sight. I've left it as as amall picture because it is pretty ugh..

It is two ENORMOUS slugs twined around a great blob of goo.

If I were a naturalist I might be fascinated, but I am trying to grow vegetables. So I fetched the slugging tongs and dumped them in the garden refuse bin with the rest of their mates. I don't think they even noticed. 

Then we got into the lovely lovely new car, collected my father and set off on an unknown adventure, knowing very little more than we needed to find somewhere in the 'orange wing' for a series of checks and treatments arranged at very short notice by the GP. The day ward turned out to be right next to a charming courtyard garden where we could wait in between tests, treatments etc. Being able to sit outside in lovely sunshine made all the difference.

We took turns staying with my father throughout the day. When it was my turn the courtyard had become quite hot so I moved to the dappled shade of the little summerhouse and admired the shadows on the decking made by the trellis.

There are a number of gardens in between the various wings of the hospital, maintained by volunteers. They are so appreciated by staff and patients all through the day.

We got home at about 6 after a very, very long day. All's well that ends well.


  1. So glad that they were able to sort your Dad out

    1. Thank you. He seems fine this morning 🌄

  2. So glad you were able to get your dad seen. The garden is lovely and much needed in stressful hospital situations!
    Er...I think your slugs were up to some funny business there...

    1. Yes, the hospital garden was a real 'sanity saviour' for all of us.
      Hopefully I have reduced the future slug population by a few hundred...