Saturday 26 August 2023

Saturday 26th August - in praise of granny squares

 They are one of the most portable handicrafts around; a ball of yarn and a crochet hook in a little bag and you are good to go. 

My mother made hundreds of the traditional multicoloured squares, each bordered in white, on long haul flights when she was living in Indonesia and later in Singapore. Later she handed over the whole bag to my godmother (her very good friend and a superb needlewoman) to sew up.

 Almost perfect for travelling.

Almost? I made the blanket above a few years ago using adriafil knitcol dk wool on our long car journeys to my godmother every week, sometimes twice a week, as we did our best to support her in her final months. Instead of doing the traditional thing of choosing different colours for each round, I just let the self-patterning yarn do its thing, and kept going until the ball was finished. The lovely colours fascinated her, and she looked forward to seeing how it was progressing and changing each visit.

And even less to carry around!

I've just finished the Tunisian crochet square. It was a little small, so I went round and round a few more times in what might be double or treble crochet, or both, or neither (I'm a bit hazy and need to refresh my memory. until I finished the yarn.

I'm not too bothered either way, as it is only destined to be another dishcloth. I'm just happy it's another 'finished object' and another bit of yarn gone from from my stash.


  1. I must do some serious stash busting with my wool. But a friend has given me a gorgeous children's pattern requiring yarn in specific colours. I may need to purchase....

    1. Oh the stash, the stash, stashed away in the basket under the side table, and in the bag by the piano, and in the chest of shame....

  2. Ah, I do like crochet! Your travelling blanket has lovely hues. My mum has made us several blankets but now we have too many so I bought her the "Yes you Cardigan" pattern from The Pigeon's Nest ( ) so she could make herself a cardigan instead with her granny squares!