Thursday 17 August 2023

Thursday 17th August - Air fryer cake

The big problem I have with making cakes in the air fryer is getting the time and temperature right.  Today I might have cracked it...

Our Philips Air Fryer has a little metal on that fits inside the basket for cooking things that would otherwise run through the holes in the basket.

These pans are ridiculously expensive, but entirely worth the money in my opinion. (There are quite a few pans in different shapes and sizes out there now).

Our pan exactly holds a 2-egg sponge cake; the all-in-one recipe I usually use has 2 eggs, and 4oz each of softened butter, SR flour and sugar. I tip this all into the mixing bowl, adding extra ingredients according to flavour, and a little dollop of milk to loosen the mix if necessary.

For cakes I line the pan with foil or paper.

I made a coffee cake this time, and actually remembered to make a note of the temperature; 155°C, and the timing; 40 minutes. (I cooked it for 35 mins, then added 5 more as it wasn't completely done)

It looked remarkably like the picture above, which I snipped from an advert for the tins. I suspect that the one in the picture might really by a macaroni cheese, though.

I can almost hear half of you saying "why bother with an air fryer?"

We use ours nearly every day, for heating and cooking and reheating and roasting and baking. It is so quick and convenient for the pair of us, does the job with minimum of fuss and no preheating, and best of all, switches itself off when the time is up!

I know they're not for everyone, but suits the pair of us perfectly!

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