Wednesday 16 August 2023

Wednesday 16th August - Sunflowers - a welcome distraction


There are a number of places now where you can pick your own sunflowers, and one is quite close to here. I rang a friend on spec, partly because I was putting off doing some tedious task or other, and partly just for a chat. She was quite near to our house on her way back from lunch at the sunflower picking place with a friend, and was keen to drop by for tea.

She very kindly left us with two of her four sunflowers! What a doubly, trebly welcome treat! Tea in the garden, with a good friend, and two sunflowers as a memory!

I thought I might start teaching a course in procrastination - not how on to overcome it, but on how to enjoy it without guilt. 'Tomorrow is another day' and all that ... 

I suspect it isn't the skill of procrastination that people might want to learn, but that of developing a carefree approach to whether things get done or not.  

It is heading for 8pm and I still haven't Done That Task. Still, there's plenty of time before bed? No?

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