Saturday 30 September 2023

Saturday 30th September

I have surpassed myself....

My September stitching has arrived at its destination before the month was over!

Is that a first? Quite probably. 

I still think the way letters and parcels travel across the country, or across the world, as a kind of magic. ("I don't", says BB. "It's an integrated system". Yes, we'll. Say 'integrated system' in the right tone of voice and it sounds like a magic spell to me).

It could be a model for international cooperation, indeed for all kinds of cooperation inside and outside our own country. If we can do it for letters, with a reasonable sense of trust that all the way along, from postman to sorter to driver to local depot to delivery, it is more likely than not to reach its destination, why can we to it for other so-called 'integrated systems'? 

Anyway, here's my September piece;

a selection of cross-stitch patterns in harvest/autumnal colours. In the end I had to resist filling in all the white spaces as the end of the month was about to happen. The bigger crosses are 'woven cross stitch; work a cross over 4 squares, and then another one on top, but weaving the needle between the threads of the lower stitches. (May and March stitcherings are alongside).

I've sown half a dozen chard seeds... am I too late? The whole year seems to be running late, weather-wise.

Full moon, and the Chinese Moon festival were last night. I saw the moon, misty behind thin cloud, as we went to bed.


  1. The stitching looks even lovelier in real life! The double sized crosses with their woven 'arms' are so clever (3rd row from bottom) with an interesting textural quality reminiscent of Norwich Stitch (sorry, that sounds horribly pretentious) and there is so much variation in the sampler... but it is ALL pure cross stitching - no backstitch, running, chain or blanket anywhere. Utterly brilliant, and harmonious colours.

    1. Thank you! I'm never sure about things... I can't wait for your box to arrive!