Friday 29 September 2023

Friday 29th September

Nearly the end of the week, nearly the end of the month!

The stitching for September went in the post today. I've remembered to take a photograph this time before I boxed it all up so I'll post about it once I know it's arrived; I don't want to spoil the surprise. 

Otherwise, not much has happened. I'm in the middle of the first of many episodes of 'hunt the stitch' with the sock I'm knitting. There were 60 stitches a few rounds back, now there are only 59. How come? That's a mystery to be solved tomorrow in daylight.

I picked chard, but have put it into a jug of water like a flowerless bouquet for now. And I pulled up the three full grown pack choi plants, which we had for lunch as a green medley with shallots, peas, beans and broad beans. I'm planning to sow some more chard in the space where the pak choi was, and hope it will manage to grow before it gets too cold.

No watercolours today; yesterday's picture was really the best of the bunch. These are what I did, warts and all!

I started by trying to do washes;

and progressed (?) to trying wet in wet, with less or more success.

I was cross with the top right picture ended up by sloshing water and paint all over it!

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