Thursday 28 September 2023

Thursday 28th September

Another month nears the end....

One more motif to stitch and I can post this month's stitching to Ang and post the picture on this blog... She's already posted hers to me!

I taught just one piano lesson today, with yesterday's that makes two this week instead of seven (or eight or even nine; one has fortnightly lessons and another has 'as and when' lessons). I'm sorry to have cancelled so many, but taking this steady has worked wonders.

Every so often I get fed up and think 'why am I fussing and inconveniencing myself and upsetting people, especially my father, by being so super cautious?'. Then something like the covid vaccination has such a drastic effect and reminds me why I really, really, really don't want to catch covid or flu. It's all tedious and annoying but - when I consider the alternative....

I've had a good time with the watercolours today. I checked the label on the tubes; they are made by M Graham. I've two white china snack trays each with three sections,  so I  squirted two dollops of paint into diagonally opposite corners, and mix and muddle in the space in the middle.

Everything just lives on this teatray which sort of fits in the nearby bookshelves.  All I have to door is get some water and paper and I'm ready to go. Most of today's efforts were boring (practising flat and graded washes) or not any good, but I'm pleased with this random scene of nowhere in particular.



  1. No wonder you are chuffed with the picture. It's lovely!

  2. I think watercolours are lovely, but only when done by other people. Mine always end up a muddy muddled mess