Sunday 3 September 2023

Sunday 3rd September - Job Done

I shall be putting August's cross stitch collaboration piece in the post to Ang tomorrow morning. It's gone 9pm and I finished stitching about ten minutes ago.

We've just been out slugging, but it's too early. Yesterday evening's jaunt round the garden with a torch was a great success and I can report that slugs appear to be as susceptible to cider as they are to beer. We'll go out again later before we go to bed. I'm still obsessing about these sneaky molluscs as I have transplanted the swiss chard now as well;

They are all looking a bit despondent at being turfed out of their pots, but hopefully they will recover. I have covered the entire surface of the pot in slug wool, and also propped up any leaves that were flopping towards the edge of the pot so the slugs and snails can't reach across. 

It was a beautiful day for being in the garden; I cleared a number of pots which had optimistic labels like 'spring onions', 'spinach', 'cauliflower' stuck in them, but after over a month no evidence of anything growing. 

The earth is so lovely and soft and crumbly that I prefer not to use gloves but stir it around with my hands - I love the feel of it. The pak choi and kohl rabi have survived overnight. The pot right at the back is labelled 'lettuce' but now only contains forget me nots. I haven't decided whether to let them stay or weed them out.

That's Aki, the cat next door. He had been an 'indoor cat' for the first year or so of his life; he was completely astonished when tentatively exploring our garden to discover other cats. He obviously knew about, and understood people, but had not met another cat since he was a kitten. It was very amusing to watch him and our elderly (sadly no longer with us) cats; he was non-plussed by our cats, and they were alarmed by him. Partly because he was a new cat, and partly because he had no idea what was going on when they hissed at him, or tried to stare him out.   

My friends in Canada were asking if we had issued our slugs with passports and sent them their way - apparently their borders are crammed full of them too....


  1. My kohl rabi is growing very slowly (it never even germinated last year) I hope the walking onions are OK. Jess was obsessed with watering Grandma's Walking Onions (there is a tiny watering can she can use) on every visit. And she prefers to attempt Baptist total immersion rather than Anglican sprinkling! But it's been relatively warm & dry, so I've not worried overmuch. I shall muss the girls now they've returned to London. I have a couple more tubs of spuds to harvest (and some recently planted ones which may crop towards the end of the year.... Perhaps)

    1. I appear to have published the comment twice and then not replied. Hence the 'comment deleted' bit below.
      I am replying at the end of October; We have started eating our Kohl Rabi now that they have reached nearly tennis ball size.
      The potatoes I planted soon after this post are looking very bedraggled - too wet, maybe, and too many leaves being eaten by something.

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  3. Potatoes! What a great idea! I wonder if I am too late. I must google....