Tuesday 5 September 2023

Tuesday 5th September - Second Summer?

I didn't write a post yesterday - by the time the evening came I was zonked...

My father (aged 94) has invited his younger brother to stay for a few days n the guest room of the sheltered accommodation where he lives. My cousin, his daughter brought him over yesterday, and tomorrow we are taking him to another friend where his son will meet up and drive him back home.

Oh, the planning! Oh, the covering every eventuality! Oh the thinking about meals, when and where! Oh, the exchanging of telephone numbers!

I hadn't realised quite how much mental effort it had taken until last night, and now, in this heat, I still feel very sleepy. I'm still waiting to get the directions to where we need to go tomorrow. 

The rest of Wednesday, Thursday and possible Friday are pretty full days for us too.

In other news; have you spotted the moon, high up and chalky white against the pale blue sky in the mornings towards the East? I expect it has a special name - I just call it a 'chalk moon'.

Slugging seems to have been a success; we are still catching and dispatching some every evening, but nowhere near as many as before, and not so many monster slugs. So I think my theory about them all escaping from the council garden bin every night might be true. My pak choi, kohl rabi and swiss chard are all still there, just as I left them (but hopefully a little bigger?

I've just realised that piano teaching starts next week. I spent half an hour on Oscar Beringer exercises (dull dull dull but effective if you do them properly) and need to begin working on the pieces I will be teaching. I'm quite looking forward to it after the break.

This is the old village school (now four houses) opposite where we had our picnic.

I had a go at sketching it. All those roof lines...



  1. I agree about the "chalk" moon. I love chalk - the girls were bored o Sunday so I gave them each piece of white halo and suggested they drew pictures on the wooden floor of the summerhouse. They had such fun!

    1. I have a box of pavement chalk leftover from chalking on the pavement outside my house during lockdown. Must find a new home for it!