Thursday 7 September 2023

Thursday 7th September - the pace is slowing down...

Morning - dental hygienist for me; it wouldn't take long if we had changed to a dentist closer to home, but since we are still going to the same practice nearly an hour's drive away - well, we have only ourselves to blame!

Afternoon - for me, a very pleasant time in a local cafe, sitting in the shade in the corner of their courtyard having tea and shortbread with a friend and a little flock of sparrows. They were twittering about in the thick hedge immediately behind me, taking turns to see if there were any crumbs (there weren't!)

for Himself, a far more strenuous time - shopping for my father and taking the food round (which also involves checking the fridge, clearing up any consequences such as storing the apple juice carton on its side - it always leaks  -and dealing with any food past use-by dates etc). He does all of this now - I used to go round too, but the trek up to my father's flat is too far for me these days.

and - whoop whoop - he persuaded my father to try on a pair of trousers and a shirt from the selection I had ordered, and they have all been accepted! I have to shorten the trousers, but I knew that was going to be necessary.

Evening - look what we found when we were looking round the garden and doing the watering;

I thought it was very obliging of them to flower so close to the path. I planted the original corms several years ago much further back, nearer the main trunk of the smoke bush.

And these were delivered at some point during the day; I shall do my best to get them into their ready-prepared containers in the hope of new potatoes at Christmas.

 Tomorrow we only have one thing in the diary; our friend, the curate at our church, is coming for coffee, and also to do a 'Home Communion' service for us; like a Communion service in church but just for us. I am so looking forward to it.  


  1. Home communion is very special - reminding people that they are still very much part of the fellowship, the Body of Christ - even if they cannot join with others in the church building for worship. Have a great time!

    1. Yes, so special. Part of me likes the idea of the tradition of receiving Communion every morning (which I've never done!), and part of me appreciates how very moving it is when one receives Communion so rarely.

  2. We have been fortunate to receive Communion at home during the last few years. It was such a blessing to us both.

    1. Yes. Words are not really enough, are they.