Friday 12 April 2024

Friday 12th April

 Oh yes! The first really real whole day of Spring! I was out in the morning looking around...

I didn't expect anything to change in the greenhouse at the side of the house. After all I only sowed the leeks (blue tray) peas (red tray) and hyssop seeds (black tray) yesterday. 

In the coldframe there's a gap where the biggest broad bean seedlings were. The other broad beans are coming along nicely and will go into their tubs at the weekend. The rest are the Very Slow Growing peas and lettuces, and some more lettuces I sowed earlier this week.

I've also got two rosemary cuttings and one possible tiny agapanthus in there. I use the child's watering can to do the watering. 

Is anything nicer to look at than apple blossom against a blue sky? You can just make out one of the benches under the apple tree; it catches the early morning sun...

This is what I can see when I sit beside the cold frame in the vegetable patch. I have a chair and table conveniently placed where I can sit and commune with the chard, broad beans, garlic and walking onion. The further dome is sheltering a brave display of tiny radish seedlings. The broad beans are to the left of the chard, still in shadow. They all survived their first night transplanted out in the real world.

It was just lovely being out in the sun.

When I came in, a friend had texted a message suggesting we meet up this afternoon for a coffee. So she came round here, and we sat out in the sun for a couple of hours, catching up on everything.

What a perfect day.


  1. Nothing is quite so lovely as sitting in the sun admiring a beauitful garden,

    1. The 'beauty' in our garden requires careful angling of the chairs and a certain amount of selection blindness...