Thursday 11 April 2024

Thursday 11th April

 A largely uneventful day today.


I'm finding that going into the garden for a bit every day is becoming more more and more important to me as the days grow longer and the weather improves.

As I have been threatening to my Kelvedon Wonderpeas for a week now, I have sown a dozen Dwarf Early peas, and put their pits in the mini plastic greenhouse, along with a dozen Musselburgh leeks and half a dozen hyssop seeds, all in paper pots. I have left the door to the greenhouse unzipped; I'm treating it more as an extra cold frame. I haven't been so mean as to tell the Kelvedon peas about their rivals!

I also managed to scatter the remainder of a packet of spring onion seeds, Lisbon, maybe, into one of the pots I have earmarked for salads. 

Finally I have nearly thrown caution to the winds and transplanted half a dozen Superaquadulce broad beans into a tub. I found the homemade copper collars that were fairly successful in previous years so put one round each seedling. Fingers crossed...

These arrived in the post today...

So that's tomorrow's fun sorted!


I have embarked upon the cuff for the second pink baby sock. I think doing the ribbing is my least favourite bit... oh, have I mentioned this already?


We are working out how to tackle the outer border... 

Now... supper to eat, Richard Osman to watch, and 850 steps to get in before a weekly church zoom group at 8pm.



  1. Copper does help keep those horrid slugs at bay. I also use coffee grounds.

    1. I may have to go out after dark with tongs, torch and slug bucket

  2. I put some copper tape round my bean pot 2 years ago and it really helped the beasties to avoid it!
    Well done on the gardening planting- I've done noooothing!

    1. I've also had success with slug wool pellets, and have ordered a whole load more. I NEVER had time to be organised in the garden when I was teaching! Nothing ever happened until the Summer holidays.