Saturday 18 May 2024

Saturday 18th May

 What have I been doing today? A bit of this, a bit of that...

I allowed myself to do some more on my crazy patchwork as I had done a chunk of cross stitching. My plan of finishing the cross stitch BEFORE Pentecost Sunday (tomorrow) faded a few da6s ago, but I will finish it ON Pentecost Sunday, which fits the dates on the border.

So, the patchwork; embroidering small scraps of fabric was so fiddly that I thought I'd pin the piece straight into the foundation and use a hoop.

Once I dealt with the consequences of catching a loose corner of the foundation into the chain stitching it is much easier this way.

I'm back at the paints again.

I just love watching the colours mix and merge and move about when I paint streaks across wet paper.

I'm using a 'dagger' watercolour brush, I don't know if you can see that the bristles are cut across into a diagonal rather than coming to a point.

I was wondering how else to use the brush, so I experimented with a very light, and dry brush to make leaves or grass. I think I see how this would work.

My brother and his wife dropped by for a chat and catch up... they'd taken our father out for lunch. We didn't join them as she has got quite a persistent cough, so it seemed sensible to stay clear. Also, that way they could all eat inside in comfort and out of the cold wind!