Sunday 19 May 2024

Sunday 19th May - Pentecost

This Sunday in the church year is about the third person of the Holy Trinity; the Holy Spirit. When  I was little he (she?) was always referred to as the Holy Ghost. That sounds altogether more mysterious, which could be an appropriate description. 

The Spirit is also called 'The Breath of God'. This name is the one I choose when my own personal lung issues intrude upon my life.

Dum spiro, spero.

I came across this Latin tag in a detective novel of all places. A friend said that her Latin teacher always used to say this to the class before exams.

The translation is 'while I breathe, I hope'. There's that word 'spirit' - spiro - again.


  1. We sang that at our Communion service today, so lovely.

  2. Yes, breath-wind-spirit-pneuma-ruach... This is one of my favourite services of the year and I've heard before that 'breath of God' is particularly meaningful with friends whose breath doesn't come easily. In my Reform tradition (Presbyterian-Methodist-Congregational union), all my lifetime here in Canada we've sung this to a different tune, Trentham. It can get a little draggy but our music director made a change this morning, having us really sing out the fourth verse in lively manner - I liked it.

  3. 'Whose breath doesn't come easily' - what a good way of putting it. I shall remember that. It's funny how a different tune, or even a different way of singing something can make a big change to a hymn.