Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saturday 17th March - Down-time

Okay, I confess. I should have gone to the doctor last week, or maybe the week before, but I wasn't "properly" ill, and every day is so full of teaching and travelling, that an appointment for, say, 11am, could knock out an entire day, and cause endless scheduling problems for the next thre months in order to manage fitting in all the make-up lessons. So which causes more stress and hassle? A cough that doesn't go away and wakes me up every other night, or finding cover for a whole day and messing up the teaching timetables and letting down children and colleagues who are preparing for school concerts and exams....
I called round at the surgery when the doors opened yesterday, and was told that there were no appointments and my requests would go to "triage" (they are two doctors down, off ill). Later, I was allocated an appointment for 2:20 pm (that means cancel three recorder classes, but at least Friday is a day when I am working in my home town as opposed to up to thirty miles away). In, listen to my chest, and out, with a prescription for antibiotics and a diagnosis of a chest infection, and advice to clear the decks for at least the weekend.
Hey! Didn't I just say that I'm not "properly" ill? However, what's the point of seeing a doctor if you don't do as they say. I have cancelled three hours of Friday night teaching (six phone calls), two hours of Saturday morning teaching (one phone call), and am trying to find a replacement organist for Sunday morning (three emails so far). Whoever said that the weekend was for having a rest.?

Husband and daughter have taken over, and in order to ensure that I stay upstairs in bed they have kindly brought up my laptop, phone and Kindle reader.

And the cat.

But I don't feel "properly" ill!

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