Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday 25th March - It's WAR

Well, actually, it's Spring, but WAR and Spring are pretty much the same thing as far as the weeds are concerned. Why does goose-grass exist, anyway? What eats it - geese? But if I invested in a flock of geese, what would they eat after all the goose-grass was finished? Could they be relied upon to move on to brambles, couch-grass and rose-bay willow herb in due course, or would they develop a taste for Nigella - (Love-in-a-mist, not Lawson) and Aquilegia? Here is the kind of thing that I am doing battle with;

Extreme gardening is a pastime that I usually go for in the Summer holidays. I pay myself £10 per hour to clear the weeks, but today was a fore-taste of Summer, so the season of War and Devastation has started early.

I reckon I owe myself £15.

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