Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday 27th March - Daylight Robbery - Stamps to cost 50p!

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I have taken up letter-writing in a big way since last Summer. Well, post-card writing would be more truthful. I write at least one every week, and sometimes two or three. I am also making a real effort to send cards to friends and relatives who have birthdays.

Today I picked up a tweet announcing that the price of a stamp is to go up to 50p for second class! Hang on a minute; that is ten shillings in "old" money!
To think that we started with the penny post - that's less than half a penny in "new" money.

Let's do another sum; we usually send about 60 Christmas cards through the post every year; at 36p for second class that is around £22, give or take a bit for the couple of foreign addresses. Now that will rise to a whopping £30, in stamps alone.

Well, hey, we can send everyone all singing-and-dancing Jacquie Lawson e-cards for the price for a yearly subscription - or just send everyone an e-mail for free.

I shall be collecting the e-mail addresses of friends and relatives this year in time for Christmas.

Hang on a minute - if we all do that, the Post office will make more of a loss, and will have to put up prices.... 

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