Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wednesday 7th March - Season's Greetings

I am so enjoying watching Spring arrive. The snowdrops are mostly finished now - the ones under our apple tree in the garden, and the patch at Trotton churchyard, are just leaves now. I think of them as Winter flowers, rather than Spring - so if Spring starts in March then it is right that they should make way for the next arrivals. No purple carpet left in the churchyard either.

I had been completely taken aback to come round a corner and be greeted by a bank of daffodils way back at the end of January, on one of the back roads which criss-cross the countryside between Handcross and Balcombe (near the water tower, if you know the area). Last week, I thought I say my first primrose on the same road, but couldn't be sure. It was just a glimpse of pale yellow, greenish-yellow, really, as I zipped by. This week, I am sure that they were - are - primroses. There are loads all over that bit of sheltered, south-facing grassy slope.

Some of the weeping willows have definite leaves just appearing - little thin streaks of green like tiny bunting along the branches.

On the road out of Partridge Green there is a rookery, with what looks like multi-story living arrangements. The nests are stacked up like a block of flats. I don't have time to investigate and watch what is going on; after all, I am supposed to keep an eye on the road! Have they just rebuilt their nests on top of the old ones every time? The bottom nest is definitely occupied as I saw a rook fly out from it.

As I travel around, there is just a couple of seconds to catch a glimpse of the world beyond the grey tarmac before it is gone, and all  have is the impression of what I think I might have seen. Tantalizing!

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