Sunday, 8 April 2012

Good Friday - 6th April

We were out and about today, in more or less the same weather, and the same part of the South Downs as last year.

The day was bright and sunny, with a sharp breeze, and clear views across the downs. Whole families were enjoying the holiday, children laughing and rolling down a steep little slope as children have for generations, pushchairs, picnic rugs, chatter, easter egg hunting. It was such a lovely, carefree, happy atmosphere.

And why not?

After all, it all happened a long time ago, a long way away.

Last year, I saw this tiny little scene, in a churchyard up on the South Downs.

I'm glad the crosses were empty. Sometimes I have been accosted in the street by people thrusting pamphlets at me and telling me that the world is evil and getting worse. I won't agree. At least we don't do crucifixion as a punishment any more. Jesus was only one of thousands who must have been put to death that way - horrific, barbaric, uncivilised.   

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