Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thursday April 5th - Willowfall

Today I stood inside a fall of weeping willow leaves, pale, translucent green. The cold wind soaked through my clothes like icy water.

It was another world, enchanted, one step removed from the road, the pavement, the traffic, the people.

A green dome under an implacable grey sky.

I expect the people passing by thought I was mad.

Or maybe they never noticed me - drivers would have their eyes on the road ahead, walkers would have their focus turned  inward to whatever is on their mind.

It was too cold to linger.

Just a few moments' thought, to connect with fragments of memory; bits of poetry, half-forgotten images

before the cold pierced through to my skin

and I turned to face the weather, and slowly pace myself up the hill

The tears in my eyes were from the cutting wind. 

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