Thursday, 12 April 2012

Knitting Project Block 4 - here's one I made earlier

I managed to make two blocks in one day, and saved the post for a really bad knitting day. Is that cheating? Maybe..... who makes the rules round here anyway?


In the past I have tackled major knitting projects. I even knitted an all-over Icelandic patterned jumper  for my husband in the early years of our marriage, and he even wore it. (True love, and all that?)

The patterns on this block are made by slipping stitches onto the needle without knitting them, so that they stay they same colour. This method of making patterns was new to me, and much easier than the fair-isle method which I have done before. However, like the very first block, there is a price to be paid for using colour; each stripe, and there are ten of them, means another two ends of yarn to be darned into the back.

It is very tempting to leave them until later, and do all the ends of all the blocks in one go. My husband says "It's hard work being lazy". And he is often right.

I hid all the loose ends under the block when I took the picture. That feels a bit like sweeping the dust under the carpet. That's just storing up trouble for tomorrow. I think I'll darn them in now.

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