Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Knitting Project Block 7, no, 9, no 15. 29?

Bad language and red rage.
Tight-lipped and determined patience.
Cold fury, gritted teeth and horrid, horrid thoughts.

Tried the block with a simple cable pattern but lost my way. hey - I don't give up easily, but after ripping it out four times .......

How about the slipstitch two-colour stripy thing? Somehow the slip stitches got themselves hopelessly intertwined with the knit stitches and the whole thing became a solid mass. Perseverance is a quality I aspire to, but clearly fall far short - three goes at getting this right were enough.

So, here goes - an easy peasy knit and purl pattern with just one colour. Unfortunately it depends on my being able to count to 33. Fail. I might have a degree in maths, but that just means I know the Greek alphabet (all that algebra and geometry). It doesn't teach you to count real numbers, only imaginary ones.

Finally, late at night, I cast on stitches, counted them three times, got him to confirm that there were really, truly, absolutely, definitely and without question, 33 stitches on the needle.

Then I went to bed.

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