Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday 15th April - Easter Sunday - The theological truth inside every "Build-a-Bear"

Yesterday we mooched around Brighton for a bit, and had a look to see what went on in a  "Build-a-Bear" shop. What a great idea! You choose the body, create some kind of birth certificate, and help stuff the bear (you press a foot pedal while some kind of reverse vacuum cleaner blows fluff into the bear). Oh, and you choose a heart to put into the bear.

Today, I started work again - my turn to teach the 5-8 year-olds in Sunday School. We did the road to Emmaus story (same as last year), starting by watching this little animation (same as last year). This time they had no problem recognising which of the characters is Jesus - obviously he is the blue elephant with glasses. That must mean that Cleopas and chum are the pink bear and and brown creature with antlers. I like it that the pink bear and the brown animal are eating spaghetti when they realise that the blue elephant is Jesus. Surreal or what?

The activity I planned was to create a little picture of Jesus, the two disciples and ourselves all walking along together, and that Jesus is with us wherever we go.

Back to the bear. One of the boys had brought a completed "Build-a-Bear" (called Charlie) with him; all the children know All About Build-a-Bear and they All seem to have been to the shop and they All seem to have one (with several changes of clothes). It was Charlie-bear's Boy who suggested that we all have Jesus in our hearts, and that's why he goes everywhere with us, just like the shiny red heart that they put inside their Build-a-Bears.

Nice one, Charlie-bear's Boy. 


One day I shall succumb and get myself a
Build-a-Bear with a shiny red heart;

I'm not sure that I shall pay out for a complete designer wardrobe for it - Charlie-bear was wearing tiny Sketchers shoes on his paws feet!

(all pictures copied and pasted from the Build a Bear website. Honestly, they haven't paid me a penny...)

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