Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tuesday 15th May - In search of perfection

On Tuesdays I have two hours to fill between leaving the school where I spend the morning, and arriving at the school where I teach in the afternoon. I need to allow about 45 minutes travel time, but that still leaves me with a generous hour to spend in getting up to date with admin on my laptop over a delicious coffee and croissant or cake.

What I want is a warm cafe, with first class coffee, excellent food, comfortable seats, clean tables at a good working height, free parking close by, all somewhere on the road between the two schools. It is also extremely useful to have a post office, bank, and small, well-stocked supermarket all close by.

Considering that I drive through two reasonably sized county towns and one village, you would have thought that there would be no problem.

Well, hey, life is never that simple.

I have found the perfect place, but the post office, supermarket and bank are missing. There is another perfect place, with all the amenities, but I can't beat the surface of the table tops. they are clean, but weirdly tacky, as if coated with the same stuff as "post-it" notes, so all my papers seem to stick to them. Ugh. The other cafes all have even worse drawbacks, like undrinkable coffee, rubbery toast, unpleasant cake. And so it goes on.

In the end one has to be prepared to compromise and adjust one's happiness index to what is available.

This is a kind of metaphor for another search - the search for the Perfect Church. I suspect that it doesn't exist either. At least, not in this world.

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