Thursday, 7 June 2012

Thursday 7th June - Patience - (rest of title deleted)

Actually, I have run out of patience. I have had about three goes at creating a blog post, and what with interruptions and general dissatisfaction with what I was going to post and how it was going to be posted, I am giving up. So I am leaving the rest of this page blank.

No I am not - I have googled brainyquotes

and here are (the printable parts of) my responses to what I found;

"A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust." Gertrude Jekyll

No it doesn't. Gardening makes me cross and tired. Like housework. You work away and then a day later it as if you never bothered. But leave it too long and the consequences are overwhelming.

"Abused patience turns to fury."
Thomas Fuller

Got it in one. I'm feeling just a bit - just a teensy, weensy, little, bit - furious at the moment.

Hang on a minute here!

There are eight pages of quotations on Patience. 8!  EIGHT! This is the very last one at the end of page eight:

Who ever is out of patience is out of possession of their soul. Francis Bacon

Point taken. I think I'll try and calm down a bit. 


  1. Have you tried lighting a lavender-scented tea light? Don't leave it unattended, of course, or more stress could ensue.

  2. Ah, so glad it's not just me... Trying to post on my blog earlier about the joyful meditative effects of gardening (it's at The Love That Moves The Sun, not A Gracing Maze, but you'll probably get even crosser reading it...) got interrupted and yes - a certain amount of fury! And a certain amount of Language. And am getting just a teensy bit more furious at my iPad which doesn't seem to like writing anything on Blogger at the moment... Hey, ho...

    Oh, Archdruid, please light one for me!

  3. Kirsten, you can't just toss in vague references to 'language' and then leave us in suspenders! Interested minds want to know (well, this interested mind anyway). But I'm with you re the interruptions and the fury. In my case at certain of God's tiny creatures who've yet again wandr'd wild and free all over my carefully nurtured Honesty seedlings and ripped them to shreds. Put me down for the tea light rota, please, Archdruid!

    1. I think it was I who mentioned Language? Suffice it to say it wasn't ancient Chaldean... I think there was some Anglo-Saxon in there somewhere!

  4. It is really hard to cure oneself of using inappropriate language once one starts. I used to swear a lot, under my breath I thought, while wrestling with hymns. Especially "O Jesus I have promised which is a real beast to play on every version." Unfortunately, on one unforgettable occasion, I was wrong in thinking they were was silent swears. That cured me.