Saturday, 11 August 2012

Saturday 11th August - Why do I blog?

Why do I blog?

I had a brief period when I was rather focused on statistics - after all, when other people have hundreds, or even thousands of visitors to their blogs, my statistics appear to be very poor.

The average is half a dozen readers, sometimes there are none. One of my posts once received over 40 visits - that was a giddy moment - I wonder why they all came. I didn't think it was a particularly interesting post...

I had been turning this question over in my mind, when one blog that I regularly read had a post on the same kind of question;

So, why DO I blog?

I think that the clue is in the title: "A letter from home". I set up my first ever blog as a journal of our amazing trip to Canada last year.

I wanted it to be a kind of thank you for those fabulous weeks; the wedding, seeing where our friends live and their local area, and of course the once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Niagara Falls.

 As I was writing it, I realised it was a brilliant way of staying in touch, not only with our Canadian friends, but also with other members of our family.

That was a "private" blog, just about the trip.

So I started this one, as a random collection of snips and snaps, bits and pieces - "pits and pieces" as my godmother calls them, that crop up, like the weeds 


among the paving slabs of our very imperfectly laid patio.

You are in the wrong place if you are looking for deep and insightful philosophical, political, psychological, theological, economical insights and debate.



  1. Statistics:
    - 95% are made up on the spot
    - a set of numbers looking for an arguement

  2. I'd take issue with your claim that there's nothing deep and insightful here! It's lovely to have a glimpse of your world and have your letters from home. I read the iBenedictines post too - and yes, it was challenging - but don't be deterred. Anyway, here's another visit for your stats! :-)

  3. I spent two years having zero visitors a day once or twice a week. And then when someone visited it was only Hnaef. But that doesn't matter. The important thing was that I placed before the public - quite clearly - the fact that everything is Drayton Parslow's fault.

  4. Me too! If my vital statistics were as slim as those for my blog, I'd be a happy woman!

    Kirsten, it was your blog title that drew me in if you remember. 'A Letter From Home;' I love reading all those snips and snaps, bits and pieces that used to be a feature of RL 'snail mail,' letters, so rare nowadays, sadly.

    That and the state of your dining room table, of course! ;)

  5. I get ridiculously over-excited when anyone comments on a blog post, so imagine how happy 4 responses have made me!!

    I'll keep going a bit longer then!