Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday 12th August - Anticipation

ser·mon (sûrmn)
1. A religious discourse delivered as part of a church service.
2. An often lengthy and tedious speech of reproof or exhortation.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin serm, sermn-, discourse; see ser-2 in Indo-European roots.]


It's a very, very long time indeed since I have looked forward to hearing a sermon.

But after the last couple of Sundays, where our vicar preached on Psalm 23, Psalm 1 and Psalm 8, I found myself wondering, with almost eager anticipation, which Psalm it would be this week, and what he would have to say.

It was Psalm 19 and I will be writing up what I remember (with the help of my notes - I actually took notes!!!)

Just so as not to bother friends and family who aren't all that interested in churchy stuff, it's on

I can't help "doing a bit of church" on this site - it is a part of who and what I am - but I'll keep the "really churchy stuff" on the other site. 

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