Monday, 24 September 2012

Monday 24th September - three-point labyrinth

I expect there is some proper technical name for a labyrinth constructed from a Y shape and three dots.

After reading Growing Greenpatches' post I thought I'd have another go.

I used coloured pencils so that I could see what I had done.

This labyrinth has a very short path, but there is still a fair bit of room for symbolism; you travel up, and round, and down, and anti-clockwise, and clockwise, before you reach the centre.

Thinking about how one could use a home-drawn labyrinth for mediation and prayer, I came up with the idea of drawing it over a picture or shaded paper, so that as you trace the path with your finger, or a pencil, you travel across different colours or images.

Maybe another time.

If you want to end up with a pencil-path with a longer route, you start with more "spokes" radiating out from the centre, with dots between each "spoke". The ones here have four spokes (arranged in a cross) and four dots. Follow the same sequence for joining the ends of the spokes to the dots. Just make sure your piece of paper is big enough...

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  1. Great minds obviously think alike! I was working on a post for A Gracing Maze yesterday, thanks to Greenpatches, and when I came to put the finishing touches this morning you'd beaten me to it. Your drawing's better than mine - have a look!

    I love your idea of drawing over colours or images and will try it. Tracing paper??