Saturday, 22 September 2012

Saturday 22nd September - Maintaining Relationships

It's all getting to be a lot to manage.

By the time I have checked what's been going on in Twitterland, and reviewed the lives of my Facebook friends, and read all the posts on the blogs in my google reader, the evening is over and it is time for bed.

Maybe I'm following too many people on Twitter (40), or perhaps I have too many Facebook friends (55). Could it I have loaded too many blogs into the reader (32)?

I have almost no time to keep up my own blogs (this one and are my main ones, but there are a couple of others on the go).

At some time in the evening I ought to look up from my laptop or phone screen and say "hello" or "good evening" or maybe even have a conversation with the other members of the family.

Oh well. They could always just follow me on Twitter and Facebook, or read my blogs.

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  1. Not easy, is it? I'm afraid I don't 'do' Twitter, am on Facebook but relatively inactive (by FB standards!) and, when the reader gets too full, press 'mark all as read,' and read the blogs off my blogroll instead. Keeps it under control.

    If you're thinking of pruning, don't drop blogging, whatever you do; I always look forward to hearing what you're up to!