Monday, 12 November 2012

Monday 12th November - On the Road

I've covered about 70 miles today. The weather has been depressing and rainy all day, the roads greasy and wet, but the scenery has been fantastic. I wish I had been able to stop and take pictures.

Part of my route goes through a beech wood. It is a main A road curving sinuously left and right and up and down through the trees. The leaves are now almost all a golden tawny brown, falling in gentle drifts on the passing cars.

We did our usual evening zoom up to the hospital, late enough to have missed the worst of the rush hour. The view is less attractive:
The streetlights and car lights make confusing patterns. It is easy to get disorientated, navigating along strips of samey roads. Some of the roads are cluttered urban single-carriageways, lined with close-packed shops and houses. Others are featureless dual carriageways slicing through wastelands and industrial estates. The route is punctuation with a random sequence of traffic lights, roundabouts, bus lanes and unexpected changes of direction. 
Last night we took two wrong turnings coming home. Today we managed to get it right.
My mother was very tired when we visited her this evening. Most of the visiting hour was entirely taken up by - shall we say "domestic personal necessities" - but when these were completed we had a brief opportunity to hear her news. She has been sitting in the chair for several hours - something that is very tiring. She is also able to eat her lunch by herself. She says this is a great improvement, as she can control how much food she eats, and how quickly she eats it. The chocolate custard desert gets a thumbs down - too claggy.
There were twelve new cards today, and a couple of letters - she is overwhelmed by everyone's kindness, and spends hours going through them, reading them all with great care and attention and examining the pictures.. 

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