Saturday, 9 February 2013

Friday 8th February - She's home!

One of the reasons that the pace of life has suddenly become even faster and more demanding than it has been, is that the final push to get my mother home was in full sway.

Furniture had to be re-arranged in their flat to admit the delivery of a bed, a wheelchair, beside table, hoist, and other ancillary equipment.

It then had to be re-re-arranged after the Occupational Therapists had visited to make sure everything worked and there was enough room to operate the hoist.

A spending spree ensued; extra duvets, pillows, sheets, as there is bound to be an increase in the laundry loads.

There were extra meetings with nursing and social services staff.

Finally, she arrived home on Friday afternoon. We decided to install her in the dining end of the living room, at least in the first instance, so that if she goes back to bed in the afternoon she can still be part of the activities in the flat. One advantage of this is that the hi-fi is right beside her bed, so she can  have her choice of music playing to help her doze off, or fill the hours.  

My mother is so happy to be in her own home. We left last night after she had been tucked up in bed and had settled down to go to sleep.

So far, so good! The carers arrived in good time last night, and were marvellous, and the team came again this morning.

I shall learn more when I go round this afternoon...

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