Monday 21 October 2013

Monday 21st October - Mine's a flat white, please

Time out.

A flat white coffee and a croissant "could you heat it in an oven please?" "certainly"

I choose this particular café because they make excellent coffee and their food is good. I choose a flat white because it always looks so pretty!

I drank it very carefully to try and keep the pattern intact

until it was time to scoop up the frothy top with the teaspoon. The croissant was consumed long before this picture was taken!

Then time to jot down the shopping and various other lists for the day, and also some notes to remind me how much I enjoyed this brief time away from anything that could remotely be considered to be work. The extraordinary lines on the page are the computer's attempt to process the fact that it is a music manuscript book. It has made my notebook appear more interesting that it really is.

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