Wednesday 2 October 2013

Wednesday 2nd October - Disgruntled Pigeon

I was rather amused driving home today; in the little crowded residential streets near where I live, a fat pigeon was just sitting in the road, in a bit where parked cars force single-file traffic.

I was waiting for my turn (oncoming traffic had priority) and the car coming along from the other direction was being thwarted by this pigeon. So they drove closer and closer, and still the silly bird didn't move, until they drove right over it, the pigeon disappearing under the car........
                                       ................. and emerging unscathed but clearly put out by the experience. It looked all ruffled and irritated at having a sudden noisy dark tunnel pass over its head..................

                                                                                         ................... and waddled off to the side of the road, with feathers hunched and a disgruntled air, leaving the way clear for the rest of us to get on with going to wherever it was we all wanted to get to. 

I must admit I held my breath at the imminent demise of the pigeon, but perhaps this is a regular occurrence? The incident was over in seconds and life continued, as before, for us all.



  1. King Street Pigeon...LOL... I'm having a good time reading your blog it so interesting. I think it's funny in a way that pigeon claim the road. You have no choice either to change your way or run over on it (that is not funny). Thanks for sharing your experience and I love to come back again with your next post.

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  2. We had pigeons nesting in a large Bay Tree growing too close to our house. The had a helluva job doing the necessary 180 degree turn to make it through the leaves into their nest without either crashing into the French Windows or stalling and falling out of the sky. Daft things.