Friday 1 November 2013

Friday 1st November - A close shave

If I hadn't just clicked on feedly for a quick look before bedtime,
and if boggyb's post about NatBloPoMo hadn't popped into view as the first thing I saw
then I would have missed day 1!!!

Now all I have to do is post about something....

Here we go...

I was in London today with my favourite
companion; we were in the King's Road and so had a wander around the Saatchi Gallery exhibition entitled "Paper".

Some of the items on display are wonderful. Others are intriguing. many are - hm. Indescribable?

I'll probably have more to say about them another time. This time we followed our noses down to the basement level to look at the sump oil.

It's a curiously enigmatic and fascinating installation; the base of the room has been flooded with used sump oil (stinky) which makes a perfectly reflective surface. It's a bit hard to work out from the photographs - I suggest you go and see it for your self. Admission is free.

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