Saturday 22 February 2014

Friday 21st February - Foraging

I have been told that it is not the steroids that make you gain weight, it's the way that they act on your appetite that creates the problem.

Friday was what I call an "eating day". Every so often I have one of those days when I graze and nibble and finish off and tidy up and clear away everything - the biscuits in the tin, the last piece of cake, a couple of cherry tomatoes, something left in my weekly "graze box", a couple of handful's of breakfast cereal, another helping of cereal because that last bowlful tasted so good, ah, who left that chocolate sitting there?

It won't do.

Those crusts of bread look so untidy cluttering up the breadboard. Now, with a little bit of butter and honey...

Oddly enough, I was feeling a bit peculiar by the time I went to bed. A bit rumbly-in-the-tummy.

Tomorrow's another day.

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