Wednesday, 9 April 2014

April 9th - Tewkesbury 4 - Music

There is no television here, no radio, CD player. And no microwave either - I'd brought a couple of sachets of popcorn from my graze box to have in the evenings, but they will just have to come home with us. I'm not so keen on popcorn that I'm about to mess about with saucepans.

So, we have spent the evenings reading, watching the fire and listening to music.

Because, although this is a low-tech place, we came prepared!

How do you think I am getting these posts up - letter by letter on my mobile phone, and then hour by hour over a weak and flaky internet connection? No Way!

Dangling from the medieval masonry is a magical black box that gives us wi-fi! I may be on holiday, but I can still gmail, and tweet, (and, until I messed up my password this morning, do facebook). I am CONNECTED!

Ranged on the stone sills are - to the right - all the chargers for kindles, phones, tablet, laptop, mp3 player and power for a portable speaker. To the left, the mp3 player and the speaker itself, not very powerful, but enough to provide gentle background music.

Over the past days we have listened to

Bach cello suites - perfect in this ambience,
The Hilliard Ensemble with Jan Gabarek  - a haunting interpretation of early choral music and saxophone improvisations
The London Quartet (a vocal quartet, just to explain!) singing my totally favourite album "Lullabyes and Goodbyes"
Chopin Etudes.

Last night I was able to buy and download The London Quartet's latest CD, "Songs of Love and War" from the ChampsHill label, and I listened to that today while He was out exploring and I was having a lazy afternoon.

I could, I suppose, go browsing, using my laptop and our wi-fi connection, and buy even more music... tempting...

All this music somehow seems to enhance the peace and quiet of this place.

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