Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wednesday 16th April - Taking it Easy

There's been a scheduled activity every day since, since April began, maybe? Admittedly, when we were in Tewkesbury we sort of made it up as we went along, and I did take two afternoons out to do nothing. In some ways it seemed a bit of a waste of the opportunities of being somewhere new. In other ways it gave me time to appreciate the wonderful building we were staying in.

Once we started travelling back last Friday, there has been something on the go every day, so today was red-lined as a Do Nothing Day.

Which is sort of what I did, all morning.

I got up for lunch, and then, in the afternoon, pottered about dealing with items on the To-Do list in a gentle and un-pressured manner.

I am pleased to have made a start on clearing the dining-room table - we were able to sit at the table for lunch for the first time in weeks.

It is a relief to have dealt with a number of letters that needed writing.

I have cleared one bag of "stuff"; I have given up teaching Sunday School after years, so I have cleared out the bag of resources, sorted it out and got it ready to hand over to whoever is taking over.

And finally, I have begun the war on the goose-grass in the garden. It took a longish sort of hour to clear a small patch, from this; (actually, this is the next piece of the "border", but the state is close enough)

to this:

  I have a dream of turning it into a patch of delight and colour to enjoy all Summer. We shall see.

So, does all this afternoon activity conflict with the idea of a "Do-Nothing" Day? Not at all. The point is that these were all activities on My Agenda, of My Choosing. Which makes a great change from dancing to other people's tunes, fitting in with their plans, letting them pull the strings.


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