Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wednesday 7th May - Photographs - Sleeping, like the cat

Number One Son took the picture of the Downstairs Cat (does posting a photograph of a photograph count for the photographic challenge?). It is on the mantelpiece with some friends.

Yesterday and today have been overwhelmingly sleepy days. I managed to produce some kind of a sparkle in the class music lessons yesterday, but today's were definitely low-energy performances.

I even had a little doze in the car, not while driving, I hasten to add, but at lunchtime, after eating my sandwiches in a quiet layby at the top end of the lane over the reservoirs. Birdsong. Sun. Hardly any traffic. Gentle murmur of the radio (Beethoven Romance for violin, as it turned out).

Oh yes. Birdsong. This could be the reason for the sleepiness. I have heard altogether TOO MUCH of the Dawn Chorus in the past few mornings. I don't know who, or what, wakes me at 5am in the morning but I would much prefer to be asleep at that time. At least the birds provide a little company and entertainment while I try and get back to sleep again!

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