Sunday 8 June 2014

Sunday 1st June - Battle Abbey

Posted on 8th June - a week later after writing it.

Today we walked widdershins around the Battle Battlefield, so all the signboards, if we had read them, told the story of the battle in reverse. We knew the story anyway, because we walked round it the proper way yesterday after watching the introductory video.

The holiday cottage is at the bottom of the battlefield, now a vista of wild flowers and clumps of trees, bathed in sunlight and full of bees and butterflied and the sound of birds. Upwards of seven thousand men died here on 14th October 1066. You'd never know.

I was singing the "Sans Day Carol"  in my head as we walked, because I had seen a holly flower
("Now the holly bears a blossom as white as a lily flower, and Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ to be our Saviour")

We revisited the beautiful vaulting in the ruins of the dormitory

and in the Novices' Room (it must have been cold there in winter)

It was another mooching day today

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