Sunday 8 June 2014

Sunday 8th June - Just Us

We have had a quiet day at home. I expect they were whooping it up at church (Pentecost Sunday today) but 9am, and 10:30 am came and went without us stirring beyond the house and garden.
It's been hot. Just ask the cats.

I spent an hour gardening this morning, which, if I liked gardening, would have been very enjoyable. But I'm not that keen, so I kept myself going by humming "Veni Creator Spiritus" under my breath as I removed couch grass and other weeds. The earth was just the perfect consistency, not to dry, not too wet, which made the job easier.

I've sprinkled poppy seeds, saved from a year or so ago, and love-in-a-mist seeds, free with shredded wheat cereal last year, all over the earth and will see what happens; germination 14-30 days.

Hopefully it will become like this bit that I got done three or four weeks ago;

with lots of little flower seedlings coming up.

I've also prepared my pay claim (having missed the deadline for last month, but that will be nice later on), and done some lesson planning bits and pieces, and TWO blog posts, and I'm about to pour myself a generous glass of chilled sherry, and tackle which has been neglected of late.

The various family events and crises of the past few weeks seem to have settled down somewhat, which is just as well as I am approaching another busy time - music exams, end-of-term concerts, school fetes, and a couple of extra pupils.

Although I've been busy, it has been quite a restful day in many ways. Now, where's that sherry bottle gone!

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