Wednesday 15 October 2014

Wednesday 15th October - Time off

It's been a while since the last post - three weeks?

Well, it was about three weeks ago that I started a coughing sort of cold, which meant interrupted nights, which meant that come the evening I tended to just sit about half asleep, which meant that I really didn't feel like blogging.

It's an occupational hazard of being a primary school teacher, and a music teacher at that. I reckon to pick up some kind of lurgy in the first month.

I took a couple of mornings off work last week, to see if that would do the trick. It sort of worked, but after this morning's teaching I decided to take the rest of the week off - at least as far as thrashing round the country from one school to another, and rallying classes of children to embrace their ukuleles rather than use them as pretend weapons, and wrangling enthusiastic young samba bands into some kind of coherence goes.

So, today, after a couple of instrumental lessons, and a visit to another school en route in order to follow up some missing keyboards, I came home, had a cup of coffee, and cancelled the rest of the week. It's likely I have a bit of a chest infection - just enough to make my legs slightly wobbly, and my head slightly hot. In the old days I would have taken a super-max aspirin and got on with things. These days, the chest specialist has given me a course of antibiotics to keep at the ready and told me that if I think I have a chest infection, I should START taking them and STOP working. And who am I to argue with the specialist? I've done well, though - nearly six weeks into term before the first chest infection (to which I am depressingly prone).

I do feel a bit of a fraud - not "properly" ill. But experience has told me that I won't get better unless I do exactly that. Now's my chance to actually READ some of the books I've loaded onto my Kindle, and catch up on sleep, and generally flop about for a few days.

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