Tuesday 23 September 2014

Tuesday 23rd September - Uku-uku-ukuleles

On Tuesday mornings I teach two classes of year 3 recorders - back-to-back - watch the clock, pace the lesson just right, dislodge my memory stick from the teacher's laptop (not forgetting that she uses a left-handed mouse) pick up my bags and move to the room next door, get the memory stick going as quickly as possible and repeat the whole thing.

On Tuesday afternoons I teach THREE classes of year 3 ukuleles - back-to-back again. At least I'm in the same room for them. But it's not without its own little wrinkles - like

Where did the chairs get to? Where can I raid for replacements?
How quickly can I tune 16 ukuleles (you'd be surprised)
Why is the interactive whiteboard not working - oh, ah, where has the computer gone that's supposed to drive it? That could be a reason for lack of success with the whiteboard...

It's now quarter past four, and I am back home. I am the better for a slice of toast-and-marmalade and a gallon of tea, and I'm about to teach three piano lessons. Back-to-back.
However all the chairs are where I left them, I've de-cluttered the piano stool, and there are no computers involved.

Arrange these words in the right order;

like felt had backwards a I dragged hedge through I been....

at least until the tea and toast took effect!

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  1. . . . and then the tea took effect so abandoned everything in favour of a journey up the woodedn hill