Friday 14 November 2014

Friday November 14th - Time is Flying....

Hang on, how did it get to be Friday already? Where did the first half of November go?

Add 18852 ff. 11v-12

Seems like only yesterday that it was Monday and the beginning of another week. before I know it, November will have vanished in a haze of one-thing-after-anothers and it will December and Advent calendars and writing Christmas Cards to beat the post deadlines and buying presents.... no no no  no!

Let's hang on to November for a bit longer. Apart from making The Cake and The Pudding and The Mincemeat. Christmas does has to be started early (unless we just buy it all in from a favourite supermarket?)

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  1. Get with the program; Cost o has had Christmas stuff since mid August and Lowes has their trees all lit up etc mid October. Been seeing houses with light up and ON since mid October as well (our light will go up in the next were or two if there is a nice day but NOT on until a week before "the DAy"