Thursday 13 November 2014

Thursday 13th November - A Full Day

I've been keeping a diary all year, for the first time ever, and so far, I've written up every day. Every so often I get a day or so behind, and it's then I realize how much gets packed into the time.

Every day is different, and that's if the normal schedule is running to plan. But then there are the add-ons, exceptions, and mad moments that enliven every week

By the time I'm tucked up in bed, reaching for the diary and pen, I need to think hard to remember what has happened that day. Quite often, I may have noticed something that I want to make a note of; the colour of the skies, something that I heard, or saw, a train of thought, an idea to follow up. Unless I make a real effort to retain it, I will have forgotten what it was I wanted to remember by bedtime.

But I reckon a full and packed life, with plenty to look back on, is no bad thing.

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