Friday 2 January 2015

Friday 2nd January 2015 - And the New Me continues

I know I won't be able to keep this up but it has been entertaining and USEFUL so far.

I haven't a BEFORE picture of the airing cupboard. I forgot to take one, and anyway, it was just an uninterpretable tangle of all sorts of towels and bedlinens, interspersed with "what-on-earth-are-thoses".

So I emptied it

by chucking everything out onto the floor

and went through every item sorting it into jumble-throw-charity-plumbing towels

or fold-up-neatly-and put away properly.

I've even bagged up the stuff to go - several of the local charity shops will take worn out stuff to sell as rags.

However, a,long the way, I have developed a hatred of fitted sheets. They are beasts to fold and I couldn't make them look all neat and superwormanish.

I should have checked this "How to fold a fitted sheet like a pro" first

or this even easier version.

Got to go. I've just spotted a video to teach me how I should have been folding up my T-shirts.

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