Tuesday 13 January 2015

Tuesday 13th January - Scene of Devastation

quick update;

they arrived yesterday morning before it was properly light.

when I got home from work at 3:30pm, the kitchen floor looked like this; with muddy boot prints all over everywhere.

Then the cats came in from the garden;

The fact that the back doormat is probably uncleanable is not their fault.

However, the evidence on the the cooker top is completely clear. We know for sure where they went walking last night.

So, what is it all about? The three men and their pickaxes and their jack-hammer have transformed this;

into this;

in a day and a half. At last - one of the projects planned for last year is underway!

The kitchen floor, however, and the front door mat, and the back door mat - well, let's not talk about the state that they are in. Certain types of domestic gods and goddesses would make a great performance of trying to put all to rights every evening; other types of people say "what's the point, let's wait until it is all over and do it just the once". 

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