Thursday 26 March 2015

Thursday 26th March - Excuses, excuses?

So I don't write anything for nearly three weeks and then you get a whole load of verbiage about pens and notebooks and diaries?

The start of this year as been an absolute cracker. Or knackering. That's probably a better word.

We ("my husband and I") finished last year pretty much on our knees as a result of everything that happened throughout 2014. There was a lot to be done on both sides of our family, and the days and months and weekends sped by relentlessly. I arrived at the Christmas "holiday" ready for a fortnight's hibernation, but that was not an option.

The New Year had barely started when we were back in top gear, careering breathlessly through the days; parents moving house, me having chest infections, BB assembling regiments of IKEA wardrobes, bookshelves and bathroom cabinets, all the extra teaching work that I took on for this academic year and so on and so on And it was such a good thing that my brother was able to come down for the week of house moving, and again this week just gone to hang pictures.

Half term in the middle of February was NOT a break. Instead of "a week off" there were three days of routine hospital appointments, one morning at the dentist, leaving just the one day for planningandhouseworkandvarioustasksandgettingthingsdone. Catching up with friends didn't happen that time.

Most evenings I have been watching the clock from 7:30pm and waiting until it is reasonable to go to bed. say, around 8:45 pm. Sometimes we've managed to stay up as late as 10pm! Then up at 6am and on the road ready to cajole cohorts of children into tootling their recorders, whanging their ukuleles or whatever is next on the schedule.

Blogging has been way down there on the list of priorities!

So, now, the end of term is in sight (last day tomorrow, whoop whoop). never has such a short term - a mere eleven weeks long instead of the more usual 13 - felt so long and unending.

There are two weeks holiday this time. This Sunday is already fully booked, I want to visit my Godmother one day, I have ANOTHER routine hospital appointment, the middle weekend is the long Easter when the family will be coming to stay (whoop whoop again!) and will probably stay until after the Tuesday, and before I know it.....

Whoosh - back to school!

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