Friday 27 March 2015

Friday 27th March - New Windows!

I've just cancelled the last three piano lessons I'm supposed to teach tonight.

This is because, after 31 years, we have achieved Double Glazing. Or rather we are in the process of achieving it. We knew, when we moved in, long ago in the Spring of 1984, that the windows needed replacing. However we just about emptied every bank account, every piggy bank, and retrieved all the loose coins from down the back of the cushions in the settee, in order to raise the money to buy this house.

So, we patched the windows with paint and polyfilla until such time as we could gather the double glazing money together. After a decade, we thought we could now go ahead - so instead of painting the windows that year, we made the plans....

and then spent the money on an unexpectedly urgently needed replacement car.

Never mind, there's always the next year......  or the next year, or the year after

but then came

redundancies (his, then mine, then both, then his)

expenses (computers, washing machines, fridge-freezers, more cars)

so this year became next year became sometime.... and all the while it didn't seem worth painting the windows, and certainly not worth the expense of getting them painted because we were always just about to get them replaced.

So this is what the front of the house has looked like for the past few years:

Do you remember DIY retro-fit secondary double glazing? Ugh. I can't wait to see this go!

I'll post the "after" pictures tomorrow.

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