Saturday 28 March 2015

Saturday 28th March - Double Glazing Phase 1

The activity of the past two days is over, and double glazing phase 1 is complete.

There have been a couple of snags along the way, which will be sorted in due course. That's only what we expect with this house. You can hit an unexpected and unforsee-able problem due to its cranky construction, or encounter something terrible resulting from the various "improvements" that were undertaken before we bought it. "Undertaken" is a great work in this context. They certainly fell well under normal expectations, for safety, reliability, quality of finish.......  Anyway, we always assume that something must go wrong somewhere to keep up the tradition of "surprises" that lie in wait once we start doing anything more radical than changing the battery in a torch.

I'm not going to bother with the details of what still needs to be done. A handle here, a pane of glass there. That sort of thing.

But here are some "after" pictures to give you the general idea of what we have now.

The sitting-room window. We paid extra for the window latches because I loathe the functional handles you get on modern windows. I had resigned myself to them, until I saw these "monkey-tail" latches. Big Yes.

The kitchen window, looking unnaturally clean and clear.

This is more like it should be: look at the gleaming sine on those tea-pots!

All the clutter from the hall window and kitchen window just got added to what was already on the dining-room table. Clearing that isn't going so well. Quite a lot of things had been squeezed onto the kitchen windowsill and are NOT going back... new homes required.

The same is will happen when I replace selected items onto the hall windowsill. Clearing the dining-room table is going to be even more challenging than usual.

At least I've put the music stand away. Dunno what I'm going to do with the Olympic flag.

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